Rob Lederer
Founder & CEO

Rob Lederer is a shaper of leaders, helping members of senior teams be great leaders and managers, and improving their companies’ financial, operational, social, and environmental performance.

Spotting an opportunity to dramatically improve how companies perform, Rob repurposed Management Resources around an innovative product — the Mosu Management System — that transforms how mid-size enterprises run themselves and create value. This moved Management Resources out of a classic consulting mindset and model, into management system sales, installation, and support.

Over the course of a decade working with Jahn Ballard, inventor and “curator” of the business processes that comprise much of the Mosu Management System, Rob developed refinements that led to breakthroughs in messaging, packaging, and usability of the product.

Rob founded Management Resources in 2002, originally as a business & leadership coaching/consulting firm. Rob and his team have contributed to the high performance of hundreds of companies and their leaders.  As a CEO Coach, Rob has been chosen by more owners of Inc. 500, Inc. Inner City 100, and Fortune Small Biz Inner City 100 award winners to be their Business & Leadership Coach than has any coach in the country.

Rob served as interim President for Auction Systems in 2014, the largest auction house in the Southwest (at the time $175 million / year) and a record ten-time winner of the Inner City 100 Award and multi-year winner of the Inc. 500 award for fast growth.  For 2010, Rob served as interim President of SignaPay Ltd., a $10 million merchant services firm, in the credit card processing field.  Rob is part owner of Prime Resources Corp. and serves on its Board of Directors.  He also served on the board of Cynergy Data.  Both won multiple Inc. 500 and Inner City 100 awards.

Rob grew up in his family’s promotional products business, Prime Resources Corp.  In the 1990s, he helped scale it and manage its explosive growth from 90 to 450 employees in six years, all the whileimplementing efficiencies, and practices of social and environmental responsibility.  To continue his management legacy, Rob arranged for Prime to hire its first professional CEO.

Since 1992, while earning his MA in management and environmental policy at University of Chicago, Rob has been actively engaged in helping businesses succeed while they “make a difference.”  He has been integrally involved in Social Venture Network (SVN), BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), ASBC (American Sustainable Business Council), and more.  He serves on SVN’s Strategy Committee and co-chaired ASBC’s Externalities Working Group for many years.  In 2007 Management Resources became a founding B Corporation and has been recertified biennially since then.

When not biking around New York City, Rob may be found in the Hudson Valley and elsewhere, keeping an eye out for interesting rocks and minerals, flora and fauna.  He and his wife Liz delight in their daughter, Julia, born 2015.

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Jahn Ballard
Chief Scientist, Master Facilitator, and Inventor of the Mosu Management System

Jahn’s mission is to co-create enterprising environments in which everyone can give their gifts, bringing spirit to money and joy to work through whole-hearted unanimity. Jahn is inventor of Management Resources’ Mosu Management System.

Jahn (pronounced “yon”) founded Performance Management Institute in 2004, and is the inventor and integrator of multiple break-through contributions to the fields of management and accounting. A visionary and thought leader, he has developed such distinctions and methodologies as Value Creation Accounting, Three Bottom Line Performance, CEO Reality Check, and more.

Jahn is a master learning designer, facilitator and coach. When installing the Mosu Management System, he unifies enterprise senior leadership, and then their teams, around technically rigorous measures, creating common language, and bringing about full staff engagement in mastering operating cash flow and increasing value creation.

Jahn’s facilitation has installed the Mosu Management System in nearly 50 commercial and community enterprises, including Oklahoma Blood Institute, NAPA Auto Parts, Osborne Coinage, Indigenous Designs, and the Maryland Association of CPAs. Jahn also trains other facilitators of the method.

Jahn is co-author of Mastering Leadership Alignment – Linking Value Creation to Cash Flow, Business Expert Press, 2017. In 1997, Jahn developed Executive Finance for Operating Leaders and has delivered professional education to more than 1000 CFOs, Controllers, and CPAs. He is a California Advisor to Bioregional Development Group in London, UK. He is also Director of Common Capital for Sustainable North Bay, and on the program committee for both Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2017 and the One Planet Youth Summit.

Jahn and his partner, Ghislaine Gery, live in Northern California and love to ski in the Alps when visiting her family.

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Jim Dygert

Client Support Leader, Installer of the Mosu Management System

Management Resources’ Jim Dygert is owner of Keels & Wheels, a multi-publication media company which created or owned interest in over seven publications serving the southwest Florida market. He grew it from one small publication after buying it in 1986.

One of Jim’s passions is teaching CEOs and business owners about the power of collaborative thinking and conversations. Among other areas of professional growth, he trains entrepreneurs in management skills, building team, and motivating them, a process of continual renewal.

Jim has served for many years as Director of Staff for all of CEO Space’s 5 International Forums, as well as the president of his local chapter and a Regional Director. CEO Space is renowned as a hotbed and launching pad of entrepreneurs.

Jim graduated from Olivet College (1978) in Michigan where he focused on marketing and accounting. His first job was with the US Treasury where he was trained in corporate structure, finance, systems, procedures, and auditing. He went on to work as a Bank Examiner at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), part of the US Treasury Department, ensuring that banks made transactions honestly and transparently.

Jim serves on the boards of several companies and has been a Trustee of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce. He is active in multiple outdoor sports, events and activities. Jim lives in Florida with his wife and their seven daughters.

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Dixon de Leña
Organizational Transformation Expert, Leadership Coach, and Master Facilitator

Dixon de Leña is a key member of our breakthrough Mosu Management System leadership team.  He serves internally in developing strategic partnership and new business, leadership development, large system engagement, and service optimization roles.  As CEO and Co-Founder of Integral Partnerships, LLC, he brings his extensive experience to Management Resources and the MOS Upgrade.

Since 1981, Dixon has consulted, coached or designed training for over 200,000 people, from C-suite level executives, senior manager teams, innovation project teams and entrepreneurs to create possibility, engagement, and innovation within themselves, their teams, and organizations. He's consulted companies in several industry groups in the Fortune 50/100/500 group and organizations in the private and public sectors in North America and Europe. Notable clients have been Aetna Life & Casualty, CR Bard, Expansion Capital Partners, GTE Telephone Operations, Ingersoll Rand, Microsoft Corporation, Numi Tea Inc., Redhook, Progressive Insurance, Northwestern Mutual Life, SCO, Van Melle, Wall Data, Work On Progress B.V., the 1984 Olympic Women's Marathon Trial Organization, City of Seattle.

In 1997, Dixon became an outspoken advocate for the business community to adopt sustainability practices of integrity, accountability and transparency for its environmental and social impact, and its effects on the financial system. In 1999 he co-founded Integral Partnerships with Dr. Paul Ray, Sherry Anderson, Mark Gerson, Bob Stilger and Maurice Zilber. Their purpose was to employ Dr. Ray’s research data on the Cultural Creatives to affect positive change in business, government and civil society.

Dixon has helped promote business organizations and industry movements such as the market demographic “LOHAS” (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability) and Green America Green Business in America, Europe, Hong Kong and China. He is a contributing author to the business anthology, “Einstein’s Business: Engaging Soul, Imagination, and Excellence in the Workplace”. Dixon was a member of Cohort #1 of the Sustainable Management MBA Program of Bainbridge Island Graduate Institute, now the Sustainable MBA Program at Pinchot University.

Dixon’s coaching, development and training career is all about engagement — from the executive suite to the shop floor — to raise success rates of innovation breakthrough projects, new possibility projects, culture re-invention, post-acquisition/mergers, post-downsizing, post re-engineering processes, market expansion, restructures, and changes in leadership. His process typically includes strategy, innovation breakthrough, organizational culture, integral vision assessment, skills inventory, development of coaching programs, leadership development, and executive retreat facilitation.

Dixon is a first generation Filipino-American. He is a father of five, a grandfather of five, and great-grandfather of one. He and his wife Valorie currently reside in Northern California.

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Brenda Mathisen
Marketing, Sales, Product Development

Brenda Rose Mathisen is part of the Management Resources core leadership team, with responsibilities in marketing and sales processes, product development, and the client experience in our seminars and webinars that deliver our management products.

Brenda is Founder and CEO of Somatic Leadership Academy. She is a multi-talented powerhouse in business and personal leadership. Her ability for exceptional performance across many domains led her before the age of 18 to earn her bachelor’s degree summa cum laude, become a published co-author in Science, win a Grammy for her role in Best Classical Recording in 2002, and share the stage with hundreds of the world’s top stars including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Martha Stewart.

Watching these phenomenal high performers she worked with and loved struggle with high stress, chronic health issues, and strained relationships, led to a deep passion to answer the question: “How can we achieve great success and impact, without sacrificing health, human connection, or values?”

Brenda Rose has dedicated the last 12 years of her life to supporting visionary leaders bridge their high-performance work culture with sustainable, holistic practices to achieve a way of life - and a way of business - that empowers them to meet all of their needs, and create even greater, longer-lasting success.

She has worked with top business leaders, including founding members of Skype, Facebook, Google X, and top Venture Capital firms to achieve healthy, balanced success at scale.

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Stuart Sidle
Organizational Development Expert

Stuart Sidle, Ph.D. Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, is an expert in leadership development, organizational change, and assessment-based human resources solutions. Stuart’s passion lies in helping individuals prepare for the next level of leadership and in assisting organizations with selecting and developing world-class management teams.

Based on his experience as a coach and consultant to dozens of organizational leaders and on his research on leadership-subordinate relations, human resource management systems, and job stress, he is frequently mentioned in the news media.

Stuart’s clients have included major utilities, large non-profit organizations, start-up companies, family businesses, government agencies, and universities.

Stuart has served in both administrative leadership roles and faculty roles at universities teaching courses in leadership, human resource management, and organizational development. Currently, he is an administrative leader and faculty member at the University of New Haven. Before joining UNH, Stuart held full-time faculty appointments at DePaul University’s College of Commerce.

In addition, to presenting his ideas and research on workplace issues such as job stress, work satisfaction, employee surveys, change management, and leadership development at a wide variety of companies and conferences, he has published in such journals as the Academy of Management Executives, Academy of Management Perspectives, Organizational Research Methods, the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, and the Journal of Business and Psychology. Stuart received his B.A. from American University and his MA and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from DePaul University.

In recent years, Stuart has been quoted in more than 75 newspaper and magazine articles and has appeared as a guest on a number of radio programs. In addition, Stuart was recognized in 2009 by Business New Haven and was presented with their “Rising Star Award” recognizing his contributions to the city’s business community as a consultant, educator, and leader of The Human Resource Association of Greater New Haven.

Stuart and his wife are proud parents of two teenage sons, both accomplished musicians.

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Libba Pinchot
Facilitator and Intrapreneurship Thought Leader

Elizabeth (Libba) Pinchot - Business leadership expert and Coach Libba Pinchot specializes in leadership development of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial teams in small and large organizations. She has also been involved in the design and delivery of numerous individual and team intrapreneurial/ entrepreneurial learning programs. Her executive learning and coaching work has successfully focused on helping clients to expand their leadership capacity to lead creative innovation in their organizations resulting in positive, measurable, long term organizational development.

Management Resources is proud to have Libba on our Team. Libba is the co-founder and President of Pinchot & Company, a thirty year old innovation consulting firm that has worked with half of the Fortune 100 as well as many small mission-focused businesses and government agencies. Clients include KPMG, Boeing, Texas Instruments, the USDA Forest Service, Motorola, Electrolux Europe, and more. Libba’s non-profit pro-bono or board work has included contributions to Rocky Mountain Institute, Earth Day, and Social Venture Network.

In 2002 Libba co-founded the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (recently renamed Pinchot University) to educate entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in improving the environment and society through leading financially successful businesses.

She has degrees in philosophy, education, and organizational and systems psychology from Wellesley/Stanford, U. of Oregon, and Goddard, and is working on her PhD in Social Transformation from Saybrook Graduate School. Libba has written numerous articles on management, business ethics and business ecology and published chapters in several books, including Integrity at Work, Coaching for Leadership, and Leadership as Partnership. She is the co-author with Gifford Pinchot of The Intelligent Organization: Engaging the talent and initiative of everyone in the workplace.

Libba, and her husband of over 40 years, Gifford Pinchot, have been inspired in their work by their three children, five grandchildren, and all the children of the world.

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Mark Donahue
Lifetime Entrepreneur

For five years, he was Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and subsequently Senior Fellow in Social Innovation, at Babson College, which is consistently #1-rated in the world in Entrepreneurship education. In January of 2011, Mark was honored as one of the "Top 100 American Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior," by the organization Trust Across America. 

He founded Catalyst Insight Partners, which specializes in “Accelerating Growth and Enterprise Value” for entrepreneurs. Beyond his deep hands-on operational experience, Mark is an expert on both the buy-side and sell-side of private equity and venture capital transactions.

Mark’s past roles have included: Chairman & Managing Member of a Silicon Valley $100M Clean Technology venture fund (2001-2007); Chairman & Managing Partner of a 200-employee pharmaceuticals enterprise (2013-2016); President of a $100M revenue e-commerce company (2011-2013); Entrepreneur In Residence at Babson College (2008-2013), CEO of an Investment Bank that was a NASDAQ Member Firm (1996-2001), rising to CEO of a wealth management advisory (1988-1996); and Board roles for 20 businesses including Co-Chair of a 240-employee Internet-of-Things business (2013-2016).

Mark is a close confidant to CEO's and Board of Directors. He brings a breadth of expertise in strategy, design, sales, online marketing, investment banking, venture capital, M&A, negotiation, Board, legal & tax, “lean entrepreneurship,” IT, branding, product management, operations management and exponential technologies. His focus spans broadly from lower middle-market enterprises (generally $1M to $10M of EBITDA) to all stages of venture capital, yet he has also brought one company public. His career has often focused on “impact” via enterprises that are providing a true benefit to society and/or advancing environmental sustainability.

He is FINRA-licensed to do investment banking, when useful to our clients, as a representative of Growth Capital Services of San Francisco, which is an SIPC member.

In the non-profit realm, he served on Boards including the Social Venture Network, the Temple of Understanding (Interfaith work) and Babson College, plus he is the incoming Treasurer and Board Member of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. He has also served on many committees of the Threshold Foundation for 20 years.

Recent Keynotes Include: Exponential Technology:

And Impact Entrepreneurship:

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Michelle Gibson
Management and Whole Systems Consultant

Michelle Gibson is a creative, bottom-line oriented Senior Executive with 25 years of experience, who possesses diverse experience creating extraordinary results through individuals and high-performing teams. Her expertise is in designing and executing strategic and technical initiatives to support growth, improve productivity and engagement, and increase company profits.

Michelle is deeply committed to serving triple bottom line, social mission, and environmental mission businesses, as well as other mainline enterprises. She is a 6 Sigma Black Belt and Lean expert who has leveraged these proficiencies to positively impact her employer’s bottom lines. She possesses a deep pool of best practices from leading companies such as Motorola, Dell, and Mars. Michelle was most recently employed by Icestone, as the Chief Operating Officer and President of this triple bottom line, Brooklyn manufacturer of durable surfaces made from recycled materials. She led a successful turnaround of the business across People, Processes, and Systems during her four-year tenure.

Michelle founded and heads her own firm, Coast 2 Coast. She earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Pratt Institute, M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, and an M.B.A. from the University Of Miami. She has a passion for developing high performance teams and contributing to sustainability efforts that will preserve our environment for successive generations.

Outside of the workplace, she enjoys spending time with her husband of 25 years and her two young adult sons, hiking, traveling, doing community service, and entertaining friends and family.

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