Ten Results Gained By Clients That Use the Mosu Management System.

Doubled Profits and Cash Reserves

A 700-person manufacturer’s internal Mosu Impact Teams implemented multiple initiatives, delivering a better than 100% improvement in cash flow from operating activities over the next five years.

Made Cash Flow and Profit Predictable

At a NAPA Auto Parts franchise, each of the key players came to see how the company’s success emerges from its activities as a whole system. They acquired new skills that aligned efforts around validated measures of operational and financial performance.  Doing so revealed to them multiple disconnects that caused inventory spoilage and high volatility to profits and cash flow.  Using the Mosu Management System enabled them to increase their operating cash balance by an average of $500,000/year for the next five years.

Drove Waste Effectively to Zero

At Osborne Coinage, a 100 person manufacturing firm, using the Mosu Management System consistently allowed them to drive better teamwork and product innovation that increased overall cash flow from operating activities bank balance by an average of $560,000 for the next 3 years.

Funded Growth from Internal Cash Flow

As routinely occurs using the Mosu Management System, Maryland Association of CPAs’ staff were guided to discover, and then to focus their efforts on, their highest value-creating activities.  This (small) business association’s operating cash flow was at a deficit $-245,000 before using the Mosu Management System.  As a result, they generated almost $1 million in new cash flow from operating activities in less than 12 months, and thereafter produced an average positive operating cash flow of $379,000 per year for the next five years.

Operating Activities Got Tied to Financial Results

At the Oklahoma Blood Institute, using the Mosu Management System created new capacities in a metrics-driven culture that enabled them to deliver many significant impacts. One contribution more than doubled cash flow from operating activities (net new cash) in the first year. During the process to install the Mosu Management System, it revealed a standard operating practice of over a decade that could be eliminated, saving over $150,000 in just the first year, with commensurate annual savings thereafter.

Most Productive Meetings Ever — Every Time

At a retail franchise, the Mosu Management System tools and practices, including the monthly meetings, have been so productive that four years into using the Mosu Management System, the Performance Management Group found it even more productive to meet twice monthly, in sync with pay periods, to best align performance management, incentives, and results.

Weathered a Massive Industry Downturn

Thanks to a $110 million highway construction firm using the Mosu Management System, and the new tools and practices they integrated into their enterprise, the bank could see exactly what the non-financial staff had planned each month to assure that they would generate cash to honor their loan covenants.  Remarkably, the bank continued their financing, even while the enterprise operated at a loss every month for two and half years. This enabled them to survive a 70% industry downturn.

Funded Growth by Acquisition

At the second largest blood manufacturer in America, Oklahoma Blood Institute's 30-person MosuTM Financial Improvement Team contributed so much cash and profit that the enterprise went into acquisition mode in less than two years.

Similarly, thanks to the integration of the Mosu Management System, a NAPA Auto Parts franchise was stable enough financially that they acquired two more stores in less than two years.

Increased Enterprise Nimbleness

Each enterprise finds new areas of agility, each according to its own comparative advantages, when using the Mosu Management System. Osborne Coinage developed and delivered new products.  Maryland Association of CPAs built internal cash reserves. A NAPA franchise secured new financing. Oklahoma Blood Institute shifted from organic growth only to acquisition mode, acquiring a competitor. And so on.

Matured Financial Performance

Indigenous Designs, a fair trade and organic clothing manufacturer/importer, was able to use new tools and practices in the Mosu Management System to make the transition from planned start-up losses to build a robust international supply chain. They achieved consistent profitability for the 5 years after first using the Mosu Management System, exceeding their projected profit plan.