The MOS Upgrade™ — Senior Team Alignment Phase

The MOS Upgrade begins with a series of brief conversations with the CEO.  Then with the CFO.  Then generates wholehearted unanimity between the CEO and CFO about how the enterprise creates value, and how those activities relate to the financial statements. It repeats with other senior executives, generating the same unanimity throughout the C-Suite. We upgrade the enterprise Management Operating System by "installing" new insights, tools, and practices that together produce a leadership team with wholehearted unanimity about how the enterprise creates value, from start to finish to start again, to deliver a thrilled and satisfied customer.

The MOS Upgrade™ — Employee Alignment Phase

The MOS Upgrade builds on the senior leadership team’s new proficiencies.  This MOS upgrade fully engages the employees around optimizing value creation.  We install company-wide the same wholehearted unanimity about how the enterprise creates value. We integrate these new practices, insights, and tools into how the enterprise runs itself and creates value, training and coaching employees and senior leaders to routinely use their upgraded Management Operating System.

Employee teams routinely track the most important constraints to value creating activities in the operations and those activities' impact on financial performance. Leadership approves initiatives recommended by the employee teams to reduce or eliminate those constraints, increasing overall value creation in the enterprise. The cycle of performance measurement, process/policy modification, and performance improvement by the enterprise recurs regularly in an upgraded MOS.